How we spend raised funds

How we spend funds raised

Just a sample of what we donate each month

Funding pledged towards a hoist for a disabled boy1000
JANUARY 2016 £
Beds & Mattresses for a single parent family250
December 2015£
Carpets for a blind lady400
You Trust600
White goods for a single parent250
Will Mackaness Trust500
November 2015£
Echo Toy appeal100
Appeal for prosthesis for war injured refugee children100
Refugee Blankets appeal500
October 2015£
Sight Savers250
Operation appeal for Taliah100
The Homeless Sight Impaired and Limbless Service Personnel home in Llangollen, N Wales500
August 2015£
Weymouth Boxing Club500
Chesil Sailability540
July 2015£
Funding towards a defibrillator to be placed at the Pavilion500
Request from Dorset Blind Association for carpets for a lady500
June 2015£
Training expenses for a teenage athlete230
May 2015£
Placement at a training camp for a disabled child230
A cooker for a family in need150
Help with respite care150
April 2015 £
Funding pledge for a young chap doing a parachute jump to raise money for a Defibrillator 500
March 2015 £
Vanuatu disaster fund set up by Lions District 105D 100
Funds ‘Ring-fenced’ for distribution of pre-owned computers 500
February 2015 £
Funding support for ‘field trips’  – Westfield Arts College Youth Club 50
Pledge funding support for a specialised wheel chair 500
December 2014 £
Lions Eye Camp projects in the third world 300
Funding support for a young man with learning difficulties 150
Christmas variety show for senior citizens at the Pavilion 1800
Help for a single mother to purchase a mattress for a small child 100
November 2014 £
Ebola Crisis – Lions National Appeal 1000
Echo Toy Appeal 100
October 2014 £
Marie Curie 50
Essential carpeting for a young family 250
September 2014 £
Donation to Sight First to fund an Eye-Camp 250
Tumble Drier for a young family in need 165
August 2014 £
Respite care sessions for a young family member 348
July 2014 £
Westham Beavers – Gardening tools 45
June 2014 £
Bedroom carpet for a single parent with young child 150
Help with essential decorating costs and other household expenses for a family with serious financial problems 300
Carpet for a single mum with young daughter 200
Carpets for a young family 200
Carpets for an elderly gentleman 300
May 2014 £
Fund raising effort to swim the length of the River Wye in aid of RNIB Hereford 100
‘Help for the Homeless’ for essential items of equipment 75
Lions Clubs International Foundation project to eradicate measles in the third world 250
Carpets for a young family in need 200
Donation to Weldmar to purchase commodes and bedspreads. This was our share of £2000 donated by the four clubs in our Zone. 500
Donation to Somerset Levels Disaster Appeal 1000
Donation to ‘Missing People’ charity – click here for a link to their website 50
Items of furniture for a young family 100
April 2014 £
Donation to ‘The Great Paddle Round’ – Royal Navy veteran amputee, Richard Hunt, is kayaking around the entire coast of the UK in aid of BLESMA a distance of some 2300 miles. Click here for further details and how to donate. 100
March 2014 £
Donation towards a new swimming pool hoist for the disabled at Osprey Leisure Centre 1000
Repairs to an ‘Audio Loop System’ – work carried out by Lions Club members 0
Repairs to damaged plaster work – completed by Lions Club members 0
Carpets for a young family 330
Bunk bed mattresses and an electric cooker for a local family 340
A sound system (Boom box) for a local majorette group. 250
February 2014 £
Three special radios for local blind persons as provided by the British Wireless for the Blind Fund (See report on our website) 690
Bed for a person with cronic back probelms 229
Items of furniture for a single parent family 205
January 2014 £
Carpets for a family in need 235
December 2013 £
Friends of Weymouth Pavilion 200
November 2013 £
Weymouth Pavilion CIC 200
Sightsavers 250
Lions Children of Syria Appeal 250
Lions Clubs International Foundation Appeal for Typhoon Haziyan 1000
Cooker for a gentleman in need 50
Cot for a family in need 100
Dorset Echo Toy Appeal 200
Cooker fo a family in need 150
October 2013 £
Garden shed for local Beaver Scouts 500
Assistance with expenses for an elderley retired Merchant Navy seafarer participating in the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall 250
Carpeting to Lounge and child’s bedroom fro family in need 230
September 2013 £
Removal costs for a mother and child 180
Urgent property repair for a family in need 360
Tables for Scout groups new hall 400
August 2013 £
Carpet  for two children’s bedrooms 250
Carpet for a child’s bedroom 150
Furniture for a family in need 250
July 2013 £
Washing machine for a family in need 300
Bus passes for a family in need 140
Furniture for a family in need 150
Cooker for a family in need 100
June 2013 £
Dorset County Council Family Intervention Project to assist with their summer programme for local disadvantaged children 250
May 2013 £
Table & chairs for a person with learning disabilities 40
TV for the visually impaired man 199
March 2013 £
 Weymouth & Portland Food Bank. ( £50 each moth for next 12 months) See picture 600
 A bed for a child with ADHD 25
 A laptop for Life Education Wessex 350
 Funding help for medical equipment for a child with cystic fibrosis 500
 Toys and equipment for the Friends of the Hamlet 250
February 2013 £
 Assistance with vocational training 300
 Weymouth & Portland Food Bank (to be paid at £50 per month) 600
January 2013 £
Fridge/Freezer for stroke victim 55
Furniture for young disabled man 90
December 2012 £
Carpet for a family in need 150
Cooker for a family in need 125
Funds pledged for school playground equipment 500
Refridgerator for a disabled man 55
Assistance for a family who were burgled 100
November 2012 £
Purchase of washing machine from Dorset Reclaim 115
Carpets for children’s bedrooms (Two families) 228
Blind Veterans (St Dunstan’s) 100
Echo Toy Appeal 100
Assist with the purchase of a Mobility Scooter 230
October 2012 £
Purchase of a musical instrument for a young person with learning disabilities 60
September 2012 £
Special Olympics 2013 100
August 2012 £ 
Carpet for a single parent familiy 279
Purchase of equipment for ‘My Place’, a club for school leavers with learning difficulties 200
July 2012 £
Furnishings and household items for a family that had to relocate 250
June 2012  £
‘Purbeck Isles’ appeal 250
Single parent family – Household appliance (Dorset Reclaim) 115
Single parent family – Household appliance (Dorset Reclaim)  110
May 2012  £
REMAP (Charity) 100
Carpets for a single parent family 300
Washing Machine (Dorset Reclaim) for a single parent family 100
April 2012 £
Special Bath lift cushion for a disabled lady 350
Carpet for children’s bedrooms, single parent family 268
Save The Children, Challenge 200 100
National Reumatiod Arthitis Society (NRAS), Kayaking Challenge 100
MARCH 2012 £
Carpeting for a rehoused family suffering hard times 255
Funding for ‘Child Care’ while a family cope with a terminal illness 250
Carpeting for two families with young children and on benefits 442
Wyvern School Residential visit to Oxford 200
JANUARY 2012 £
Weymouth & Portland Scouts First Aiders Project 500
Child care funding while a mother with attends breast cancer treatment 200
Carpeting for a single parent family 228
Vacuum cleaner for a low income family 35
Camcorder for a young lady to record happy moments with her terminally ill father 100
Carpet for family suffering financial hardship 200
Bunk beds for two young boys 200
Hope United Reformed Church 200
Sponsorship of a music stand banner for Weymouth Concert Brass 43
Special buggy for a disabled boy 911
Donation towards a bathroom repair for a family with disabled child 250
Echo Toy Appeal 100



October 2011 – Second hand household appliances for two single parent families. £250

September 2011 – ‘Eye Gaze’ Communication device for a severely disabled young girl. £1000

August 2011 – MV Freedom appeal fund. £500

August 2011 – Cleaning and decorating for an elderly gentleman. £300

August 2011 – Girl Guides summer camp costs. £250

June 2011 – Funding for a ‘carers course’ for parents of Special Needs children. £475

May 2011 – Power Pack for a standard wheelchair. £800

April 2011 – Funding support towards a placement in TS Pelican. £100

April 2011 – Bath Lift for a disabled lady. £300

March 2011 – Washing machine and some household items from Dorset Reclaim for a young single parent £120

March 2011 – Hand held ‘Sat Nav’ adapted for blind people for a Weymouth man £550

March 2011 – Funding support for two young ladies to work in a orphanage, in Ghana, for a month £700

March 2011 – Carpets for a single parent with two small children £587

March 2011 – An all terrain wheelchair specially adapted for use on the beach £2600

February 2011 – Wyvern School, Residential visit to Bristol £280

February 2011 – Reconditioned washing machine for a family on benefits £100

February 2011 – Carpeting for a family in financial difficulty £187

February 2011 – Sensory Equipment for a disabled boy £150

January 2011 – Soul Food who provide comfort and counselling for ‘rough sleepers’ £200

January 2011 – Second hand household equipment and furnishings for a single parent with two small children £200

January 2011 – Troop Tent for the Scouts £725

January 2011 – Friends of Weymouth Refuge £500

December 2010 – Revamp garden and outside area of Fairfield Day Centre, Portland, £500

November 2010 – Water Aid £200

November 2010 – A Sing-a-Long for the elderley £50

November 2010 – Second hand bunk bed and two single beds for a struggling family £130

November 2010 – Second hand washing machine for single parent mother with two young children £95

November 2010 – Echo Toy Appeal £100

October 2010 – Funding support for cot death baby’s funeral costs

October 2010 – Help with travel costs for family with sick child in Southampton Hospital £300

October 2010 – Funding support for new majorette troupe £100

September 2010 – Bed and carpeting for single parent family £488

September 2010 – Washing machine for single parent family £95

September 2010 – Fridge for single parent family £50

September 2010 – Patio decking to enable wheelchair bound boy to access garden £550

September 2010 – Help with decorating cost for single parent family £200

September 2010 – Driving lessons for partner of disabled lady £220

July 2010 – Donation to Water Aid £200

July 2010 – Donation to Dentaid £200

July 2010 – Donation of £100 to Mosaic bereavement services

May 2010 – Funding support of £300 for 4 Scouts to attend International Jamboree

April 2010 – Made donation of £250 to Sight Savers Eye Camp

April 2010 – Provided second hand furniture for single parent family

March 2010 – Provided funding for a new mounting platform for Riding for the Disabled (RDA).

March 2010 – Help for a man recovering from a hip operation and being rehoused as part of his rehabilitation process by proving essential items of furniture.

March 2010 – Some funding for driving lessons which will enable a young disabled lady to obtain a Mobility vehicle.

March 2010 – Provided funding for catering equipment for St John Ambulance ready for their move to new premises. £265

February 2010 – Provided ASDA food vouchers for a family of three children being looked after by their father while awaiting state benefits to come through.

February 2010 – Made donation to Help for Heroes

January 2010 – The club has donated £500 to the appeal fund being organised by Lions clubs in the UK for the Haiti earthquake disaster. Lions clubs throughout the world have launched similar appeals.

January 2010 – An appeal has been launched by Lions throughout the UK to build a waiting room at the National Memorial Arboretum near Litchfield to which we have donated.

January 2010 – A donation to fund a school visit has been made for this very worthwhile service.

January 2010.
We have arranged for a carpet to be fitted in the flat of an elderley gentleman, living alone and on benefits, with mobility problems.  We have also funded a secondhand tumble dryer for a single parent with a 10mth old child who live in a first floor flat, as requested by Social Services.

December 2009 – Put on a free Christmas Concert at the Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth, for senior citizens. The artistes give their time freely but we pay for the hire of the Pavilion.

December 2009 – A disaster fund has been set up by Lions in the Cumbria area to which we have donated £500. It is usual for Lions Clubs to send aid to the Lions Clubs in the area concerned as they know best where to spend the money most effectively.

December 2009
A donation of £100 has been made.

December 2009 – Financial help given to a blind lady so that she could purchase a special computer programme that would enable her to shop on-line.

November 2009 – We have arranged for some carpeting to be fitted for a lady on Portland who is on benefit and in some financial difficulty.

November 2009 – We have purchased a replacement washing machine (second hand) from Dorset Reclaim for a single mum with a young child.

November 2009 – The Lions have agreed to fund a holiday placement at the Youth Cancer Trust facility in Bournemouth for a young person from the Weymouth & Portland area who is undergoing treatment for a cancer. To be taken up in 2010.