Weymouth & Portland Lions club are on the look-out for lock-down heroes, knights in shining armour and those who stood up to be counted during the last few months of lock-down. We would like to honour and award a Lions Certificate of Appreciation to those who have stood out in the local community and went beyond what would normally have been expected of them. Here are just a few examples. Volunteers who distributed food parcels, helped in food banks, got to know their next door neighbour and ran errands for them. Made things, scrubs for the NHS, face masks when there was a shortage. Collected medicines from the chemist. We would particularly like to hear about young people and children who were helpful and who volunteered. The list could go on and on but l think we have given you a taste of the sort of person we are on the look-out for.

We don’t need a great deal of information. Name, address and some sort of contact telephone number. A short explanation of what that person has been up to. And finally, please get the person’s permission. Nominations are to be sent through to,

Our first certificate was awarded recently to Sasha Fancy who lives in Littlemoor and has made over 1000 face masks.