Message in a bottle

A brief explanation of the Message in a Bottle scheme


The Message in a Bottle scheme is a simple idea designed to encourage vulnerable people, living on their own, to keep their basic personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location where they can be easily found in an Emergency, normally the fridge. Lions throughout the UK are now taking this project up, so our target is to make this completely national.

Why the fridge? Most homes have a fridge, usually in the kitchen. It enables the Emergency Services to find the details quickly and easily, in a COMMON PLACE. In the event of fire, the contents of the fridge are protected longer.

There are two stickers, One is fixed to the back of the front door (or the door most used to access the premises), the second is attached to the door of the fridge.

There is NO COST to the user. All the costs of running the scheme are borne by the local Lions Clubs and their sponsors as part of Lions Caring for our Communities. Local Chemists, Health Centres and Doctor’s surgeries should have Bottle Kits (bottle, form & stickers). Some Neighbourhood Watch & Age Concern groups will have supplies, and as the scheme expands, other agencies will have them.

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Other useful information is recorded such as contact details for Next of Kin or friends to be notified in an emergency and even what provision is needed for any pet/s the participants may have. Participants are strongly encouraged to keep a copy of any repeat prescriptions in the bottle, as this will aid Paramedics and any hospital staff to ensure that the correct drugs are administered in the emergency.

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If more than one person lives in the house, only one bottle is needed, but each member of the household should complete a separate form, which should have a passport type photo attached, to aid identification.

This is NOT designed to replace MEDIC ALERT. If the participant has a specific medical condition and routinely wears either a Medic Alert or the similar SOS Talisman bracelet or necklace, they should CONTINUE to wear it.

If you would like to take part in this scheme or would like further details then click on enquiries below: