Used Spectacles

RecycleFSColor 200Donating your old used spectacles can work miracles in the third world.


We, along with Lions clubs throughout the UK collect and grade used spectacles for distribution in the third world. This has far more benefit than hard currency as in many poor countries if the cash were available  it would be almost impossible to purchase a pair of spectacles. A simple thing like a pair of spectacles, which we take for granted, can turn a dependent person into a productive citizen, less dependent upon aid.

Please, have a ‘root around’ for your old specs that are no longer required. You can hand them in to your local Optician or Pharmacy who are very kindly collecting them on our behalf, currently:

Andrew Care Opticians, IJ Brown Opticians, Scrivens Opticians, all in St Thomas Street, Boots Opticians in St Mary Street, Weymouth. Also, C2000 Hall, Easton’ Portland.

Recently (September 2012), this bin is being introduced to local schools to encourage them to collect on our behalf.

Spec Bin Red
We in turn send your old specs to the Chichester Lions Club who have a wonderful organistion that sorts and grades them for onward distribution. Please take a look at this link for further information what happens to your old specs.

Thank you, many people will be grateful for your kindness.